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10 Natural Remedies For Anxiety You Must Know

Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain that results from pressure or demanding circumstances.Stress can also be the product of a busy day or an emotionally draining situation that people cannot control or is unexpected.Fact is, stress impacts everyone and knowing how to deal with this natural condition is important to reducing the amount of stress in your life.The following information will describe 10 natural remedies for anxiety which in turn will reduce your stress.


Exercise is an extremely important way for people to reduce anxiety.Exercise is effective because it gives a person’s body an outlet for getting rid of built up tension. Keep in mind that when a person experiences stress or anxiety their body reacts in a certain way.Their blood pressure usually increases, their nerves become more heightened and their body becomes more tensed.Certain hormones are released into a person’s body when they experience anxiety.These hormones include norepinephrine, adrenaline and cortisol.

These types of chemicals are naturally made by the body and are quite helpful under the right conditions. However, when a person becomes anxious, worried and/or even stressed; they begin to negatively impact a person’s system.If a person doesn’t move around and try to work these chemicals out of their system then they will invariably begin to cause problems with their body.

Physical activity such as sports, running or hitting a punching bag will help to get a person’s circulation going. This in turn will help to release those chemicals and to ease the side effects of anxiety and stress.If a person does not like to exercise, they can take a walk or even go out dancing.

Yes, many people go out dancing because it helps to reduce their stress that they build up from work, school or from taking care of their responsibilities.Having a good physical outlet is extremely important when it comes to controlling anxiety and stress.

Football, basketball, hockey, soccer, baseball and even a game of kickball can help people to relax and to be stress free.They can also play frisbee or even run wild out in the open country.Truthfully, exercise and physical activity is probably the best way to relieve anxiety and to eliminate stress.


Meditating is another great way to get rid of anxiety.When a person meditates they simply lower their anxiety levels by using their mind and by controlling their breathing functions.This ancient practice has been in use for thousands of years and it works.

The whole point of meditating is to eliminate any thoughts or feelings associated with anxiety or stress. Meditating can also help a person to control their body as well.This in turn will also reduce stress levels. Meditation is good for helping the brain to relax.Remember that most of the problems that we experience as people is literally in our minds.So, relaxing the brain is crucial to controlling anxiety.

The key to meditation is to be isolated.If you’re stressed you should be by yourself that way you can keep outside distractions away. It will help you to clear your mind and to focus on positive thoughts and emotions.

In some instances, you might want to play music because this medium can help to reduce stress as well. Soothing music that causes you to relax typically releases pleasurable hormones into your body.Music related stress therapy is designed to release dopamine and endorphins into your body.Both of these hormones are associated with pleasurable experiences and feelings.

You do not necessarily need to have music playing to release these chemicals.You can create these feelings by relaxing your mind and focusing on things that bring about comfort, pleasure and relaxation for you.In some cases, your meditation practice can even release the sleep hormone melatonin which will help you to immediately relax by putting you to sleep.Once you begin to properly meditate the tension will start to melt away and your body will find release.


Aromatherapy is also good an anxiety reliever.The reason why aromatherapy works so well has to do with how certain smells impacts a person’s senses.There are many smells that make the body feel good. These smells trigger dopamine and endorphins.Once again, these positive hormones make makes a person release feel good sensations into a person’s system.This is one of the reasons why good smelling things naturally make people think of good things.

Believe it or not bacon is a powerful smell that can get rid of stress.People just love the smell of bacon and they typically relate it to good circumstances and having a good time.Other smells such as flowers, baked goods and perfumes can also be used to reduce anxiety on the spot.

4.Hot Bath

Hot baths are great for eliminating anxiety.Hot water is an old remedy that has been used since ancient times. Ancient people realized that hot water works wonders for various ailments.One reason why hot water works well with reducing your stress has to do with the role that it plays on the body.

When you submerge your skin in hot water, your blood vessels immediately open up which in turns allows more blood to flow through your system.This effect temporarily lowers blood pressure and it helps to get rid of negative chemicals which result from anxiety.

Another benefit of hot water is that it causes the body to immediately relax.The hot fluid just loosens up a person’s flesh and the tense feeling just goes away.Most people will also feel euphoric feelings as well once they are submerged in a heated water.The feel-good chemicals are released during this process and they immediately replace the bad chemicals which cause stress.

By the way, be careful about using hot water.You should ease yourself into a hot bath and not just jump in. Remember to make the water to comfortable heated level for you.Most importantly, don’t burn yourself using this anxiety reducing method.


Massages are another great way to get rid of stress.As a matter of fact, regularly get a massage for this purpose. A massage is great at reducing anxiety because it allows another person to ease the tension out the body.There are different types of massages that people can get that will relax their torso.

Swedish, deep tissue and pressure point massages are among the most common types.You can also get a back and leg massage since they work wonders too. A simple foot massage will cause most people (especially females) to become immediately relaxed. Sports massages are normally given to athletes and to people who are extremely active or physically competitive.This style of massage is designed to get rid of stress and relieve pain. It will also work wonders for reducing anxiety.

Touch is a very strong thing.While most massages are for medicinal purposes, the fact is that when one person touches another individual it usually releases good feeling sensations into the body.One person touching another individual just makes them feel good.Having a spouse or finance to provide you with a massage when you are stressed; is a really great way to get rid of the anxiety that you are feeling.

Massages also helps a person to get loose.This method improves circulation and it helps to reduce the radicals in a person’s skin. Message is a great way to get rid of stress.If a person is feeling anxious and they need to get rid of this emotion, then they should strongly consider this remedy.

6.Herbal Tea

Herbal tea has stress reducing properties.Various teas such as green, chamomile and even simple black tea can all help to reduce anxiety.Herbal tea products typically have natural ingredients that do away with stress.

Believe it or not radicals impact the body when a person is stress.Radical are dangerous chemicals or foreign invaders that agitate a person on the cellular level.These radicals often inflame tissues. Herbal tea ingredients can reduce this inflammation.They can also provide other ingredients into the body that can help it to relax. You can try to experiment with different types of herbal tea remedies to find one that works best.


Do not under estimate the power of sleep.Sleep is good at fighting stress because it just helps a person to forget what is stressing them out.Also,sleep just forces a person’s body to shut down and to heal itself.Keep in mind that when a person sleeps they naturally repair tissue and gives their body a chance to recoup.

Most of the negative stress chemicals are eased out of a person’s body when they are stressed. It is important that a stressed-out person get some sleep.This way their bodies can make the necessary adjustments against stress.The key to using this method is not to overdo it.Too much sleep can be counter-productive to stress.


What you eat and how you eat can also get rid of stress. When a person is stressed out the best things that they can consume are fruits and vegetables.Why? Fruits and vegetables work well with a person’s system.They naturally lower blood pressure and immediately get rid of radicals and help the body to stay relaxed.

If a person drinks pop, eat junk food, slugs down fast food or eats other forms of unhealthy food whenever they are stressed;it will cause them to gain more weight and it will do more harm to their body than good.

While vegetables are a great thing to eat when a person is stressed; the sad fact is that many people do not like them.You might be one of them.However, you shouldn’t avoid eating vegetables because they make your throat itch or they just do not taste good.There are so many vegetables available for consumption that a person should be able to make one of them their go to vegetable.However, a variety of fruits and vegetables work best for this purpose.

9.Reduce Television Time

You should stop watching television and eliminate being on your mobile devices or computers when you are stressed.Electronic media typically stresses people out more when they have anxiety.Television shows,video games and social media have bright lights, disparaging comments and bad information that can even get a person agitated.

Don’t get me wrong.If you can find a television show that is funny or provides relaxing entertainment; then watch it.At times, TV shows that can help you to get rid of or reduce anxiety are okay.However, most television shows do not have this effect on people.Bottom line try to avoid as much television and electronics as possible when you are stressed.


When a person is not organized they will naturally be stressed.An unorganized environment helps to increase stress levels. A messy house, room or work area is proof of this fact. When things are messy, people tend to be overwhelmed.Sometimes it is hard to keep things together but a person should do their best to do this since it will help to get rid of stress.

Here’s a good fact to know, most people who do not keep their homes neat and clean tend to experience more anxiety. When people come over to visit,they feel anxious about that.When they need to find something and they can’t; it creates more anxiety.

Another way that a messy home is counterproductive to being relaxed is that makes a person feel like they are slobs or trashy individuals.While it is normal to be sloppy at times, the point is that you should clean up the mess in your lives and do your best to keep things in order.If not, it will negatively impact you.Remember that one of the best things that you can do to get rid of extra anxiety in your life is to keep things in good order.


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